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Posted by nick_niesen in Home on October 29th http://www.cheapkankenbackpackonline.com/ , 2010

Take your home Karaoke experience to a whole new level ecconomical SuperCDG discs, containing up to 2000 songs each. Enthusiasts and DJs alike can accumulate large collections of songs at a fraction of the cost. I'll examine one model to show how SuperCDG Players can benefit you and your family at home.

I can remember just before Karaoke began back in the late 70's, TV producer, Chuck Berris came up with "The Gong Show" and all the bars and night clubs started having gong shows. As this musical trend was culminating Cheap Kanken No.2 , the timing was just right for Japan to introduce KARAOKE. America went wild over the concept, bars quickly incorporated the "singing machines," and soon Karaoke became a household word and a cultural phenomenon. Karaoke equipment, like all new technologies Cheap Kanken Big , was very expensive and only available commercially and to bars, restaurants, hotels and Karaoke MC聮s. Today America loves karaoke more then ever but not everyone wants to hang out in bars, singing and drinking all night so now more then ever Cheap Kanken Mini , home Karaoke machines are in big demand.

Benefit #1 - Karaoke fun at a fraction of the costs with SuperCDG Discs

As an alternative to the expensive Laser Discs and CD+G Discs (holding between 12 and 22 songs at a rate of about $1 per song), CAVS Karaoke has created "SuperCDG" which holds up to 2000 Karaoke songs costing about 10 cents each and SuperCDG Players like the CAVS DVD-203 USB cost a fraction of what machines used to. SCDG Karoke Discs can be found online in a range from $50 to $200 but they usually hold 250 to 1250 songs on each. I've seen 1250 song discs for as low as $99.

Benefit #2 - CAVS PC Software allows you to creating your own SuperCDGs filled with your own MP3s

Expand your CAVS Karaoke player's music capabilities by using the optional software to create your own SuperCDGs with your MP3 music. Remember wiring your home system up with separate DVD, CD Players or maybe even a Karaoke machine or a 300 CDDVD Carousel? Remember naming all the discs on the carousel machine. With only 2 SuperCDG discs full of your favorite MP3s you can replace your entire carousel. The song titles come up right on the front LCD panel. The DVD-203G USB also read many other formats including: DVD, DVD-R Cheap Fjallraven Mini , DVD+R, DVD-RW, MPEG-4, VCD Cheap Kanken Backpack , CD+G, CD-R, CD-RW, HDCD Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Backpack , JPEG CD, Kodak (slideshows).

Benefit #3 - 5.1 Dolby Digital allows you use with your existing surround sound system

The 5.1 Dolby Digital output allows these units to effectively replace any other disc players in your home system, saving space on your shelves and just looking neater. There's also output for S-Video and Fiber Optical

Benefit #4 - Expand the memory on the CAVS DVD-203 USB

The CAVS DVD-203G USB has USB port which allows you to load your songs onto an optional external hard drive meaning that you could conceivably have 100,000 Karaoke and Non-Karaoke songs right at your fingertips.

Benefit #5 - The family that sings together swings together

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