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Gestational diabetes also known as diabetes of pregnancy StrictionBP Review take place when a pregnant women has high levels of sugar in her blood and she can't produce a right amount of insulin. A pregnant woman's insulin needs are much as twice or trice bigger than those who are not pregnant. Possible Complications Range of complications could have been developed with diabetes, mostly are caused by the persistent leveling up of the blood glucose level over a long period of time. Thus, keeping your blood sugar level with in the healthy range will be the best defensive move against possible complications.

Most common sites affected by diabetes complications are: Eyes - signs of eye damage must be picked-up early for a successful management. Regular eye check-up is crucial, with care and compliance with the physician's order; existing damage can be halted or prevented from getting worse.
Kidney - at this present, fewer patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes develops this kidney problem now that more people can monitor and improve their blood sugar levels.

Feet - people with diabetes are prone to develop foot problems, such as damage to nerves and blood vessels. Preventive steps could be taking good care of your feet every day, maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and staying in regular contact with your physician. Gum, tooth, and mouth - people with diabetes tend to have more gum and mouth infections due to the high blood sugar levels. Be consistent with the mouth hygiene, look for early signs and see a dentist.


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