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BoilX As a result of the procedure, “breathing” of the skin improves. As a rule, at 18-25 five years old girls do not think about the fact that facial skin requires more thorough care than just removing makeup at night. However, older ladies know: the sooner you start looking after your face, the later it will show your true age. However, very often far from the first time it is possible to find a BoilX suitable for you. Today, on the shelves of women’s stores, there is such an abundance of all kinds of jars, tubes, bottles that, of course, it’s hard to find one of them among you. Before buying a BoilX you like, it is worth considering a number of parameters. First, going to the store, decide on your skin type. As you know, there are four of them: dry, oily, normal and combined. If you are the owner of dry facial skin , when choosing a cream, pay attention to its components: not bad if they include glycerin, emollients (special fatty substances with a softening and smoothing effect); it is also good if the composition of such a BoilX contains hyaluron (or hyaluronic acid) that retains moisture. With oily skin, glycerin, on the contrary, is contraindicated. Moreover, it is desirable that the components include antiseptics, anti-inflammatory substances, as well as those that reduce the release of fat (for example, vitamins A, E, sulfur and zinc, allatonin, herbal extracts - calendula, aloe). Normal skin requires mainly protection, as well as slight hydration. In this case, do not take nutritious and moisturizing BoilX - only those that contain some moisturizing elements are suitable. Most often, propylene glycol acts in this capacity. Protective elements are, as a rule, chamomile, aloe . It’s good if you find algae extracts and mineral oils in the composition of the selected cream. Combination skin , perhaps, requires particularly careful care. Of course, it is best if you apply a certain BoilX to different parts of the face: usually on the chin, forehead, nasal area the skin is more oily, on the neck, cheeks - normal or dry. However, there are quite good BoilX for combination skin: manufacturers try to balance the drying agents and moisturizers in them. Calcium, zinc, natural coconut oil - these elements are present in these creams. Having dealt with the type of skin, do not forget about age - this is very important. For example, if you are not yet twenty-five, but liked a BoilX designed for a more mature age, it is better to leave it on the shelf - hyaluron, which may be present there, is not recommended for use with young skin. BoilX are divided into day and night, and in the arsenal of any girl and woman, both must be present. The night one is designed for a more intense effect, the day one is more gentle and soft - however, your skin will be protected at any time of the day. By the way, the BoilX you choose also depends on the time of the year: in summer it is better to choose moisturizers, and in winter - nutritious creams.


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