#1 Pre-Diabetes - What Does it Mean? What Can I Do? von Jerome Princy 14.02.2020 07:32

Numbness and Tingling In Feet and Hand: Once   Blood Balance Formula Review again this symptom of child diabetes is ignored by the parents and children. Children are unable to explain the weird feeling in their extremities to their parents. Unexplained and Sudden Weight Loss: If the child was previously overweight then this symptom of child diabetes is welcomed by the parents otherwise the parents think the young one is going through the growth spurt.

Mood Swing or Irritability: This is generally blamed as child and parent confrontation. Some parents of teenagers think that it is the integral art of teen years. We all know that stress is a part of life. There are some good points to having stress, as stress can cause us to take action, but an overall high level of stress can cause health problems. But chronic stress can also cause weight gain as well as play havoc with blood sugars if stress is not managed.

If we go back in time to the cave men, we can look at how our bodies respond to stress. If a cave man went out hunting and a bear came after him, he would go into the flight or fight response, either choosing to fight a bear or run. This response would trigger hormone responses, such as increased cortisol to help increase your energy to either fight or run, and a decrease in your serotonin levels because you would not want to fall asleep when you are fighting or running.


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