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Looking across the side of the mountain into a peak, the distance is different. "Nature is full of philosophies. From different angles, we can see different scenes. This may be the same as we look at the problem. What kind of vision is there, how deep can you think, how deep you can think. How far can you see them? Most successful people often look at the problems differently. Some of them are called geniuses, others are called madmen, but they are not ordinary people. No matter who you look at, you have to look at the problem. Careful, comprehensive, and profound, can't let the clouds cover your eyes.xample, statistician Ward, who has a deeper understanding than most people, has a deeper understanding of himself, and he can clearly understand the problems that most people ignore. There are indeed a lot of bullet marks on the fighter planes. Of course, everyone thinks that there should be more places with more bullet marks. However, we have forgotten that if we stand on the plane of the crashed plane, we will find that it is because the fighter plane was hit hard in the parts with less bullet marks and it was impossible to return. The facts are so clearly placed in front of you, the truth hidden behind the clouds, only a small number of people will notice it. Of course, Ward did it, and there is no denying that he is a winner.e our thinking has become fixed, we are used to seeing the problem from the simplest point of view Marlboro Cigarettes Price. We dare not be bold, we dare not innovate, we dare not be different from others. I once thought so sadly, how many of us have lost to it, of course, how many of us have lost to the so-called industry conclusion? In the 19th century, French scholar Watammer discovered through a lot of experiments that the secretion of pancreatic juice is not Through neuromodulation. However, this was contrary to the accepted interpretation of the academic community at the time, so he felt that his experiment had a problem. In the same period, the founder of modern digestive physiology, the Nobel laureate Pavlov, also missed the discovery of truth. Later, Pavlov, who learned the result, said without a will: "We lost a discovery of truth Cigarettes Cheaper. Opportunity".t let the clouds cover your eyes, learn to think differently from different angles, maybe you will have different discoveries and gains. If Woermer is not the first time to suspect that he is wrong, not dare to challenge "authority", but to find another way, dare to speak for himself, boldly questioning, it is likely that he will be the proponent of this discovery. Unfortunately, if history is not there, there is no assumption in life.I remembered Confucius, I was greatly appreciative because one of his students saved others and was happy to accept the praise of others Wholesale Cigarettes. He was also blamed for the fact that another student saved a slave but did not compensate. In our opinion today, it is indeed very strange. It is not wrong to be rewarded with merit. But it is not nobler to save people from the fire and fire, but not to be more noble. Confucius is treated differently. In fact, Confucius is not blaming him for not giving in, but blaming his behavior as a stumbling block to hinder others from doing good, saving the pictorial, but the character is not so noble, save and not report, then yourself It is necessary to suffer losses in vain Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, so everyone chooses to turn a blind eye, so that more slaves have lost the opportunity to be released. This is Confucius, who advocates teaching in accordance with his aptitude and is worthy of the name of the saint.er, if you succeed, you have the confidence to be comprehensive, and you can look at the problem from all angles and analyze the true meaning behind all kinds of clouds. It is an indispensable prerequisite. Geniuses are only one line away from madmen, but what's important is that they don't look at the problem from the eyes of ordinary people Carton Of Cigarettes. They are unique. I want to let the clouds cover the eyes, and the truth will be in my heart.

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