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Good morning http://www.giantscheapshops.com/cheap-authentic-kareem-martin-jersey , New York Giants fans! We will get to your headlines in a second, but first a word about proper conduct here at Big Big Blue View.There are Community Guidelines here at Big Blue View. When you choose to comment, you are expected to follow them. Period. I strongly suggest you go back and read them. You will notice that many of your “friends” won’t be commenting today. Close to 20 former community members were dealt the ban-hammer on Thursday. The kind of garbage that has been spewed in the comments here in recent days simply will not be tolerated.Let me summarize. Attack the post, not the poster. No name-calling. No politics. No racism. No homophobia. The “N-word” gets you banned. The “F-word” gets you banned. No discussion.If you can’t express an opinion without doing any of the things mentioned above, keep it to yourself. I don’t care how bad things get for the Giants, the expectation at this website is that you will treat each other with some decency. That includes Giants’ decision-makers. Disagree with their decisions, but this site is not going to tolerate some of the things I have seen GM Dave Gettleman called recently in the comments.Now, on to more pleasant things.Corey Coleman glad for fresh startSince Aug. 5 Corey Coleman has been traded by the Cleveland Browns to the Buffalo Bills, cut by the Bills, picked up and cut twice by the New England Patriots, signed to the Giants practice (last week) and now added to the team’s 53-man roster.That’s pretty amazing for a guy who was selected 15th overall, the first wide receiver taken B.J. Goodson Jersey , in the 2016 NFL Draft.Coleman doesn’t like to talk about that vagabond journey.“The past is the past,” he said. “I left that behind.”Giants coach Pat Shurmur has indicated the team recognizes that Coleman, who has 56 catches over two season, has talent. They want to find out over the remaining nine games if he can have a future with the Giants.“It’s all about opportunity,” Coleman said Thursday. “I feel like this organization gives me great opportunity to come here, for me to prove to them that I’m worthy to be here and I’m happy and blessed to be here.”Saquon Barkley an Adrian Peterson fanAdrian Peterson is in the 12th season of his Hall of Fame career, averaging 4.3 yards per carry and on pace for nearly 1,200 yards rushing, which would be the eighth 1,000-yard season of his career. Giants fans can only hope rookie Saquon Barkley has a career that approaches Peterson’s.Barkley is an unabashed Peterson fan.“Growing up, watching Adrian Peterson, big fan of his game. Even now http://www.giantscheapshops.com/cheap-authentic-nate-solder-jersey , he’s still a special talent. He’s been doing it for so long. To be able to watch him play live is definitely going to be something that I’m excited to see,” Barkley said. Peterson has been complementary toward Barkley’s game.“That means a lot when you can catch the eye of a guy like that, like Adrian Peterson. He’s one of the best running backs to ever play in this game – a future Hall of Famer,” Barkley said. “I admire his game and how he plays. For him to say that about me, especially being a young guy in the league, definitely means a lot to me.”Quadree Henderson impressesThe Giants have had a kick return revolving door all season. That may have ended Monday when rookie undrafted free agent Quadree Henderson averaged 20.5 yards on four kickoffs returns and 14.5 yards on two punt returns in his NFL debut.What did he show special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey?“Production,” McGaughey said.“He’s a sure-handed guy, does a good job of catching the ball. He’s a good young player that has a lot of potential as a returner,” McGaughey said. “He did a good job. He did what he does, he did the same thing in college and played with a lot of confidence. He’s a confident kid, so I’m happy for him.” We don’t want to stop the presses for every mock draft that is published — if we did, there would be precious little else getting posted here. But when a draft expert from a major outlet releases a mock draft Ray-Ray Armstrong Jersey , we have to pause and take notice. In this case it is NFL.com draft analyst Lance Zierlein’s first mock draft. Not only does Zierlein compile scouting reports on nearly every prospect in a given year’s draft, but given his position at NFL.com, his opinions are very likely informed by a number of contacts around NFL front offices. Much like with other major outlet mock drafts, those potential kernels of behind-the-scenes insight and information should make us take a closer look. And in this case, Zierlein’s pick is remarkably interesting for the New York Giants.6. New York Giants - Daniel JonesRaptor’s Thoughts: If you click through to Zierlein’s complete mock draft, you’ll see why this pick is so interesting for the Giants. Kyler Murray is drafted at fourth overall by the Oakland Raiders, and Zierlein has the Giants passing on Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskings for Jones. He states that picking Jones “Wouldn’t be my selection if I were making the pick,” which suggests that this isn’t the move he thinks the Giants should make, so much as the one he thinks they will. It is all the more surprising given how Jones’ seemingly depressed his draft stock with a poor performance in front of scouts and general managers in the week of practices before the Senior Bowl. The NFL typically views these practices as more important than the game, and most teams leave before the game even takes place. So while Jones did win the MVP award, conventional wisdom suggests that his poor performance during the week would carry more weight. Likewise, digging through Jones’ numbers Janoris Jenkins Jersey , particularly beyond the box score the context and situations around those numbers, suggests a player who might not translate well to the NFL. He is capable in short range and in the core concepts of Cutcliffe’s offense. But down the field and in more diverse concepts, he struggles mightily. All told, Jones’ stock has plummeted over the last few days, to the point where few still count him as a first round prospect.On the other hand, the “warm fuzzy” dots connecting Jones to the Giants are close together and easily connected. Jones has a good relationship with Eli Manning and with Manning’s mentor, David Cutcliffe. That could lead the Giants to feeling comfortable with the idea that Manning might not take offense at helping to teach, and eventually be supplanted by, Jones. And if there has been one constant through the last 13 months of Giants’ decisions, it is that comfort and familiarity rule the day. In the unlikely event that Haskins does slip to the Giants, could they pass on him anyway and draft Jones?

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